ISOLPLASTIC: what we do

In Isolplastic’s corporate philosophy, the preliminary phase of any relationship is talking with the customer and interpreting their requirements and necessities in order to lay the foundation of our future collaboration. More than a classic customer-supplier relationship, we like to think of it as a partnership. The synergy established will lead the ideas and work of one and the other to reaching a common goal.

We have identified punctuality and full observance of the delivery time, precision and the scrupulous care devoted to our executions, and the high quality of the processing methods and products as the fundamental values of our work.

Quality and environment

The commitments we constantly take upon ourselves include respect for the environmentattention to health and safety at the workplace. These are our primary objectives to reach and constantly perfect. We at Isolplastic work in full compliance with the procedures and standards set out in current regulations, and at the same time we spare no efforts to continuously improve the management of our internal processes through the involvement and active collaboration of the entire team.

Fully in line with the national trend, which sees Italy as one of the countries devoted to using modern and advanced recycling technologies to the greatest extent, from the very beginning Isolplastic has made a name for itself as a company attentive to the environment and to defending the ecosystem, determined to promote an efficient and functioning circular economy. In order to fuel this virtuous cycle, we have adopted a system that also requires use of “secondary” raw materials, i.e. those obtained with the processing scraps and transformed into a new raw material.
According to this principle, the production scraps are collected during processing, divided up by type and, depending on the type of material, sent to specific processes so they can be recovered and later recycled.
An analysis of the data of the last 4 years reveals that Isolplastic recovered about 115 tonnes of plastics from the production scraps sent to recycling and consequent re-use during the period 2014-2017.

Environmental protection is a topic that has always been dear to our company.
In the field of eco-sustainable production development, a very important choice was made in 2010, the year when Isolplastic decided to install a photovoltaic plant built into the roof with 50 kWp of power. The decision to make a photovoltaic plant tied to the company operational was taken in face of the substantial energy consumption necessary to run our machinery.
The net metering plant Isolplastic installed ensures that the energy obtained through the solar panels is partially put into the electric network, in this way contributing to returning part of the resources that companies like ours – called “energy-intensive” – subtract from the planet.

Research and development

Every action that Isolplastic undertakes in the Research and Development areas is geared toward improving production processes and adopting advanced solutions in the area of thermoforming.
We work in a perspective of general improvement in terms of product quality, optimisation of time and resources, and cutting costs. We are constantly in search of innovative materials able to reduce environmental impact, not only for that which concerns the processing of plastics, but also for the processes tied to the foaming department. The polyurethane system we use is classified Class F according to the European EN ISO 11925-2 and UNI EN 13501 regulations. It does not contain fluorinated greenhouse gases.
The intensive transformation and modernisation process that our company has been undergoing over recent years fully embraces the “Industry 4.0” concept, meaning that propensity to automate industry by integrating new production technologies to improve the working conditions and increase productivity and production quality of the plants.